Kegel Exercise Eggs

Essence of Jade® Kegel Exercise Eggs

The Essence of Jade® brand Kegel Eggs are made of Hulu Nephrite Jade in China.

Using these jade eggs to exercise your pelvic floor muscles is a practice that dates back more than 2,000 years. Ancient Chinese royalty were taught this secret many centuries ago to help strengthen the Chi Muscles, more commonly referred to the pelvic floor muscles.

By improving the Chi muscles, it was believed women were able to focus their Chi energy inward and that would in turn convert it to spiritual energy. By focusing that energy on their Sacred Temple (“Yoni” in Sanskrit) they felt they were improving overall well-being and fertility. We hope you experience lots of benefits and pleasure from your Kegel exercises when using your Essence of Jade® Kegel Eggs with your Yoni.

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